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Fresh exotic tropical fruits are mostly grown in developing countries. Although still considered niche products in Europe, the interest in new flavours and special varieties is increasing. Communicating the health benefits of tropical fruit can help increase the demand.

They are considered exotic to European countries in the sense that they are not produced in Europe and consumption volumes are limited, making them niche products.

General characteristics

  1. · Tropical fruits are an important source of carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and fibres. They are grown in most tropical, and subtropical areas with well drained soils.
  2. · Developing countries account for about 98 percent of total production, while developed countries account for 80 percent of world imports. Mango is the dominant variety produced, followed by pineapple, papaya and avocado.
  3. · Other fruits, such as lychees, durian, rambutan, guavas, and passionfruit are produced and traded in smaller volumes, yet their market shares have been expanding rapidly in recent years.
  4. · Most of the recent increase in production comes from expanded crop areas particularly intended for exports.

Wherever you need it!

“Grading” services offered to clients and conducted by an independent consultancy firm: cargo quality control upon opening of the container at the warehouse.

  • A competent and motivated team dedicated to the transport of your perishable goods
  • A team of experts for the customs clearance of your goods
  • Incoterms and document management
  • Insurance, assistance, technical and legal advice

International Agro Export Logistics

  • Real-time cargo tracking
  • Cargo quality control upon arrival at the warehouse
  • Temperature-taking, quality report offered to clients, photo of goods, ...Suitable containers for different circumstances
  • Container loading, unloading
  • Inland transport of containers
  • Fruit terminal
  • Research of suitable solutions for a wide variety of products
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Phytosanitary and customs services


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